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Lessons to get you started in Spanish: Freebies - Spanish/English Cognates, An introduction to Ser & Estar, Learning about Gender etc
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Sticky: Ser & Estar - Part One / Get started learning Spanish
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06039 over a year ago
Sticky: Ser y Estar / Part Two: The differences between ser and estar
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217056 over a year ago
Greetings & Farewells In Spanish
23351 over a year ago
How to conjugate regular Spanish verbs in the Present Tense
24338 over a year ago
Spanish Past Participles
0752 over a year ago
Counting in Spanish - Numbers / Los Números
36323 over a year ago
English / Spanish Cognates - '-tion' to '-ción', '-ic' to '-ico', '-ent' to '-ente' etc
212565 over a year ago
Body Parts In Spanish
25222 over a year ago
Quick Tip about: ' Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns'
01731 over a year ago
General responses for conversation
32789 over a year ago
How to say 'thanks' in Spanish
0614 over a year ago
Gender / Genero (Beginner's lesson/Lección para los principiantes)
13828 over a year ago
Spanish Greetings (Beginner's Lesson/Lección para los principiantes)
01160 over a year ago
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