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Have you ever wondered how to set out a formal Spanish letter? How to say telephone numbers or even just 2012? This set of reference articles will try to address these and many more topical subjects that we hope you find of use.
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'A' or 'de' between two infinitives?
01763 over a year ago
Telling the time in Spanish
01861 over a year ago
Using the Subjunctive Mood when you can't or don't want to declare something
03185 over a year ago
A- Z of Animals In Spanish
0670 over a year ago
Spanish Gerundio vs English Gerund
01736 over a year ago
Spanish Numbers
12108 over a year ago
How to fill out a form in Spanish - what do the abbreviations mean?
01758 over a year ago
How to type Spanish characters in Windows (with Alt codes)
11201 over a year ago
Writing Letters in Spanish
01639 over a year ago
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