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Los Saludos - Greetings


Buenos días. Good morning.

Buenas tardes. Good afternoon. / Good evening.

Buenas noches. Goodnight.

Buenas - Hello (Informal)

Hola - Hi / Hello

Bienvenido - Welcome

Bienvenido a (place) - Welcome to (place)




¿Cómo está(s)?  -  How are you (informal/formal)

¿Qué tal? - What's up?

¿Qué hay (de nuevo)? - What's new?

¿Qué pasa? - How's it going?  What's happening?   (answered with just 'bien' - an answer about what has been happening in your life is not usually expected jeje)



No creo tener el gusto de conocerlo -  I don’t think we’ve been introduced

Déjame presentarme. Mi nombre es... - Let me introduce myself. My name is...

Le presento a... -      I'd like you to meet...   (lit.  to you I present ...)

Te quiero presentar a una amiga - I want to introduce you to a friend (female)

Te quiero presentar a un amigo - I want to introduce you to a friend (male)

Mucho gusto   -  Nice to meet you.  (lit. much pleasure)

Encantado (say this if you're male) / Encantada (say this if you're female) - Pleased to meet you

Es un gusto conocerte -    It's a pleasure to meet you.

Mucho gusto en conocerte/le - I'm happy to meet you.  (lit.  Much pleasure in meeting you (informal/formal)

El gusto es mío -  Nice to meet you too.  (lit. the pleasure is mine)

Un placer - A pleasure



Chau / Chao - Bye

¡Nos vemos! - See ya!

Hasta luego - See you later.

Hasta ahora - See you in a minute.

Hasta (muy) pronto - See you (very) soon.

Hasta mañana - See you tomorrow.

Hasta la vista - Until next time we see each other.

Hasta la próxima.   - See you next time.

Cuídate - Take care (of yourself) - informal

Cuídese - Take care (of yourself) - formal

¡Adiós! - Goodbye.

Hasta mañana. - See you tomorrow.

Ya me despido. - It's time to say goodbye.

Gracias por todo. - Thanks for everything.

Que te cuides. - Take care.

No quiero que te vayas.  - I don't want you to go.

¡Adiós! Me voy a casa.  - Goodbye! I'm going home.

¡Que te vaya bien! - Have a good one!

¡Que te vaya bonito! -  All the best!

¡Que (se) lo pase bien! - usted/formal  (Spain)

¡Que (te) lo pases bien! - tú/informal  (Spain)

Que (se) la pase bien! - usted/formal  (Lat. Am.)

¡Que (te) la pases bien! - tú/informal   (Lat. Am.)

Me dio mucho gusto conocerlo. (formal/say to a man) - It was nice to meet you.

Me dio mucho gusto conocerla. (formal/say to a woman)  - It was nice to meet you.

Un abrazo y hasta pronto.  - A hug and see you soon.

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Muchas gracias :)

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You're very welcome!  De nada :)


Comment or correction by The Language Tutors  :)

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