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If you've been reviewing some of our lessons and want to try some self-checking exercises to make sure you've grasped the point, you're at the right place.
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An exercise using 'aunque' + subjunctive or + indicative
09348 over a year ago
Spanish Past (Preterite) Tense Exercise
21630 over a year ago
E X E R C I S E Expressing Obligation / Necessity & Strong Possibility using Tener que, Hay que or Deber
15031 over a year ago
32320 over a year ago
Do you know what these words mean in both their masculine and their feminine forms?
33312 over a year ago
Preterite vs Imperfect Exercise
22506 over a year ago
EXERCISE / EJERCICIO - POR VS PARA Exercise with extra Spanish translation for more advanced learners
42311 over a year ago
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