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To have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne

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1 hr English or Spanish Skype Lesson


Face to face video lesson with Paul or Marie-Claire - knowing how to read or write in your target language is one thing but surely the most important thing is to be able to 'speak' the language! 

Book your personal, tailor-made, 1hr English or Spanish face to face Skype lesson here.  

Make sure you use our contact form to let us know what your native language is, what level you are in your target language, if you have any specific requests (in what areas you will be applying this language) and which days, times etc best suit you for your Skype lessons.

Your are welcome to try this service with a free of charge introductory Skype session.  Just fill out our contact us form or email us to arrange your first free lesson :)

Your tutors are Paul - English lessons and Marie-Claire - English & Spanish (beginner to intermediate) lessons

Please leave your name and email address, whether you require an English or Spanish lesson and at what level and which tutor you would like to book :)

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